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Dormitory house "Seiun-Ryo"

Improve and learn with classmates coming from all over Japan and grow up together with friends. There are various benefits to communal living and through the experience deep friendships are cultivated.


The Seiun-ryo dormitory house was established in April of 1992 on the school grounds, and is only open for male students who do not reside within 2 hours commute from the school.
It is not merely a boarding facility, but a place for human development though a communal lifestyle.
Many events such as sports, barbecues and watching movies are held exclusively for boarding students.
Boarding students can establish and strengthen bonds though these events.
Seiun-ryo dormitory house's original support system was prepared for applicants to Tokyo University or medical faculties of other public competitive universities.


Fully equipped facility supports the life and study of boarding students.


  1. 19 rooms for accommodating up to 4 (for high school students)
  2. 8 rooms for accommodating up to 8 (for junior high school students)
    ※Individual closets are installed for both types of rooms.
  3. Study room
  4. Remedial study room
  5. Hall
  6. Office room
  7. Big common tab
  8. Laundry room
  9. Medical room

Life in Seiun-ryo

The daily life of boarding students is supported by the dormitory manager couple and other staff members. Students can also receive academic and personal support from the tutors.


Daily Schedule

The well-regulated communal life is designed to acquire proper study habit, positive lifestyle choice, friendships and to student growth.


Breakfast and dinner are served in the school dining facilities located in the school. A highly professional company is consigned to provide well-balanced, healthy and nutritional meals under the observation of a professional nutritionist.





Health Check

The resident dormitory manager couple engages in daily communication with students and supports both aspects of health and life. In case of sickness, they take responsibility to go with students to visit a doctor. There are physicians, surgical hospitals, ENT doctor, ophthalmology, dentists and general clinics around the school, so students are always in a safe environment.


Laundry and Room Cleaning

The dormitory staff does the laundry of school uniforms including shirts, PE uniforms, socks, underwear and towels. However, private clothes should be washed by the student.Common spaces are cleaned by the dormitory staff, but students are responsible for cleaning their own rooms.




Study Support

In addition to tutoring instruction services during the self-study times, the study support system includes remedial study of mathematics and English or English conversation class mainly for junior high school students. To inspire students to decide on their course directions, we provide lectures by graduates and observation tours. The study support system includes educational and career guidance by graduates and is designed to accommodate individual needs, especially for 3rd grade high school students.


Collaboration with School

A tutor is allocated for each grade and this supports school life in collaboration with the dormitory and the school. Messages to students’ parents are also dispatched by a tutor.





Closed Period and Returning Home

Students are allowed to return home on Saturday afternoon, Sunday and national holidays by submitting an application for homecoming.
The dormitory is closed during Golden Week, summer vacation (approximately 10 days in the middle of August), a week during year-end and New Year holidays and a week during the spring vacation. All students should make arrangements to return home during these closed periods.

Dormitory Events

The Seiun-ryo Dormitory has scheduled events each month to promote friendship between boarding students, except during the long-term breaks.


· Barbeque Party (April, July, November)

· Sports Festival (March, September)

· Movie-Viewing Party (June, October)

· Christmas Party (December)

· Rice-Cake Making Party (January)

· School Excursion (February)

Sending Information to Parents

Students can send E-mails to their parents via the computers installed in the dormitory. Tutors also send the latest information about their children on a constant basis. At the parent meetings held for each grade and in each area, tutors directly report to parents about the latest news regarding the school and the dormitory.

Dormitory information Introduce latest news about boarding students at the pages exclusive website for their parents in our school HP.
Junior high school students' parent meeting Junior high school students’ parent meeting is held on the day before PE festival.
High school students' parent meeting High school students' parent meeting is held on the day before the Board meeting of "Ikuyu-kai".
Local parent meeting Local parent meetings are held in Tokyo, Nagoya, Okayama, and Fukuoka once a year, around November.
Grade parent meeting; The grade parent meeting is held once a year when they visit for school events.

Breakdown of Hometowns of Boarding Students

Students across the country gather together, especially west from the Chubu-area together.
Returning students from overseas enrolling in the international course in high school enter the dormitory.



Enrollment Fee 120,000 JPY
Boarding fee

82,000JPY per month
(including breakfast, dinner, room rent, labor cost, utilities, miscellaneous expense)

Others Leasing charge for bed clothing 43,000JPY (annual amount)
Leasing charge for desk and chair : 10,000JPY (initial cost)
Living expense deposit per month: 31,000JPY
(Allowance and lunch expense. If requested, return the surplus)


※We are the member school of All Japan Private Boarding School Association. Click here for the member schools list.