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International Education

Looking towards the future, we realize that the next generation needs a complete world view.The Nishiyamato Gakuen program helps all students expand their English language ability while developing an international sense, which is required for global leaders. We aim to educate citizens, who are capable to negotiate on equal terms with leaders from around the world.

Learning about the International Community

Model United Nations

Students have the opportunity to take on the role of representatives for The United Nations member countries. They engage in negotiation in English based on the actual proceeding of the United Nations conference and attempt to resolve the various issues facing the world today. Considering the profits of the conflicting countries, students will learn the difficulty in solving international problems and the political ramifications of these decisions. We actively participated in “The fifth of Global Classrooms in Japan” held in November 2011 in Tokyo.

Acceptance of Returning Students and Our Foreign Exchange Program

Since 1990, we have proudly welcomed students into our school who are returning to Japan from abroad. We also invite exchange students from all over the world and we enjoy learning more about different cultures every year.

Experience the World

Language Study Tour in the United States for Junior High School 3rd Grade

We have implemented a 12-day language study tour in the United States for students at the impressionable age of 15. Through home stay, studying at a local high school, camping and watching Major League Baseball games, students gain significant experience and take the first steps to becoming a global citizen.






1 Year Overseas Education Program in the Untied States only for Applicants of Junior High School 3rd Grade

For about 1 year from September in grade 3 of junior high school, our students study with local students at an American high school and are offered accommodations with an American Family. They have the chance to spend quality time in the United States and are supported by the local staff of Nishiyamato Academy California. With a unified lower and upper secondary school education system, students can still graduate in 6 years, even while spending a year away from their studies in Japan.


(Destination of Overseas Study) as of October 2011

Pilgrim School(California)

Oaks Christian School(California)

Capistrano Valley Christian in California(California)

Victor Valley Christian in California(California)

Justin-Siena High School(California)

Fryeburg Academy(Maine)

John Bapst Memorial High School(Maine)



3 Months Overseas Education Program in the United States only for Applicants of Junior High School 3rd Grade

For 3 months from January to March during the 3rd grade in junior high school, students can live with an American family and study a curriculum focusing on English language development at the well-known local private school “Vistamar School”. This program provides an opportunity to attend classes with excellent students who come from abroad and also instills in our students a deeper understanding of many cultures.


(Destination of Overseas Study) as of October 2011

Vistamar School(California)

Pilgrim School(California)

China Exploration Tour for All Student of High School 1st Grade

This tour is intended to be, "The first step towards familiarizing our students with the international community and is establishing closer relationships and deepening the understanding of our neighboring country, China." We visit Beijing, Xian and Shanghai and experience eternal history and the magnificent natural landscapes. By touching on the deep history and cultural assets and through exchanges with Chinese young people of the same generation, our students will be educated as global citizens.

American Home Stay Program only for Applicants of High School 1st Grade

This program is implemented in the summer and is only open to applicants in 1st grade of high school. This program includes home stay accommodation, intensive English study, camping with local university students, exchange with students in Nishiyamato Academy in California. The participants have many opportunities to experience both American culture and various other cultures as well.

Training Program for Next Generation Leaders at Harvard University only for Applicants of High School 1st Grade

At Harvard, the world’s best university, participants exchange with excellent students coming from around the world. This intellectual stimulation helps students develop leadership skills for the next generation. They have the valuable experience to learn alongside global elites of the future, through a workshop style program, focusing on discussion and presentation. Moreover, they also visit MIT, one of the leading Universities in the United States, and have the opportunity to associate with Japanese exchange students and researchers. Through these experiences the participants are well-suited to make informed decisions about the future.

Knowing the Global Society

Unique English Educational System

International comprehension starts from acquiring a proficient level of English, which is the basic standard for global communication. In our program at Nishiyamato Gakuen, students read and hear original books written in English. In addition to “reading, writing, listening and speaking", we adopt the unique education method such as audiovisual system. We strive to help students master practical English.