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Course Guidance

Nishiyamato Gakuen offers course guidance and counseling to “create new leaders for the next generation”. The course guidance is not just for entrance examinations, it is for helping students to determine the life they want to live.

Course Guidance Support

"Course planning and a sense of purpose motivates our independent learning practices." We challenge our student's education and help them to determine their life purpose and mission. Our course guidance support provides opportunities for students to think about "what they want" and "what they want to be in the future". We offer guidance, assistance and information for helping students to determine their course load in the future and support these decisions in a systematic manner, especially in the 3rd grade of junior high school. This support aims to inspire students to obtain future dreams and goals and to enhance their motivation.

Course Guidance Lecture and Career and Academic Guidance by Graduates

a vice-president of Kyoto University,
Mr.Takeshi Yoro

The course guidance lectures are delivered by frontline speakers in many different fields, such as Mr. Hiro Kanamori, a professor emeritus of California Institute of Technology and an earthquake seismologist, Mr. Shinichi Kitaoka, a professor of graduate studies in the University of Tokyo and a former U.N ambassador, Mr. Yuzou Onishi, a vice-president of Kyoto University, Mr.Takeshi Yoro, a professor emeritus, the University of Tokyo. We also call for graduates to be engaged in speaking about their “occupations" and “research content” in the lecture and course. These discussions are introduced under Research NAVI in "course guidance." We will provide useful lectures to establish a solid vision for their future research and career choices.

※Course guidance lectures are implemented as a part of mind education lectures.

Issue of "Course Guidance"

We precisely compile the latest information, trends and countermeasure for entrance examinations to universities every year. Our course guidance includes the various data for National Center Test for University Admission and Second-Stage University Entrance Examination, actual experiences of graduates who successfully passed the exams. It is also filled with useful information such as "Annual course guidance and schedule for each grade” and "Research NAVI" by graduates. It is distributed to all students from the 1st grade of junior high school and it helps to make use of our course guidance for planning the future.